The curriculum vitae must be sincere

Those looking for or looking for a job probably had to write more than one curriculum vitae. You may have written a curriculum vitae for yourself, a relative, or a friend. Curriculum Vitae – Many have written a CV, but it is rare for a curriculum vitae to set specific goals for the end result – employment. Employment is the main purpose of writing a curriculum vitae. Otherwise, writing a CV (curriculum vitae) can be treated as a hobby.

It has been noticed that people strive to present CVs in such a way that, while distorting factual reality, they show the job-seeker, whether present or not. The curriculum vitae must first convey incontrovertible data, factual information which you can easily justify at the employer’s request (eg presentation of a diploma or recommendation, certificate of attendance, etc.). How much more complicated it is with hobbies and hobbies. At this point we notice the greatest gaps in sincerity. There is no need to write that you are reading books just because it is correct, but you read the last book at school and only at the instruction of the teacher. It is often said that you enjoy active recreation or relaxation in nature, but when asked how a person actively relaxes or spends time in nature, they often fail to explain and at best ends up being just a barbecue in a friend’s garden. Remember one important thing: if you claim something, pay and justify it. If you are writing about traveling, consider the possibility that your employer may be a passionate traveler too, and if they ask you about travel, know what you are talking about as this is the perfect opportunity to move beyond informal communication and gain the sympathy of your employer alone just because you are similar or have interests in common. Informal communication only adds to and enriches your business communication, allows you to operate more freely, and defends your opinions, thoughts and ideas more easily. It does not mean that your relationship with a manager should be informal, but at the same time, too strict a subordination will be detrimental to your productivity and the efficiency of your work. Don’t write that you love traveling, reading books, or fishing, if that’s not the case. You probably have a lot of good qualities and hobbies that are no less interesting and significant than fishing, traveling and reading. Write not as “everyone” writes, but as they really are. A sincere CV can do much more than copy other CV template expressions or phrases. After all, you want us to choose just you. That and be unique and unique. Choose what is most important and relevant in your life and relate to the job position you are applying for, for example, it would not be a good idea to write that you are a dreamer and a romantic and claim to work as a prison inmate. Of course, romanticists and dreamers are not forbidden to do such work if they meet the requirements, but in this case it is more appropriate to emphasize their subject matter solely by logical reasoning. The curriculum vitae must tell the truth and keep logical consistency and connection to future job requirements. Be yourself, be sincere and be sure to succeed!